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I love the web site, great to let everyone know about our little part of heaven. great to raise children.
18 April 2006 - petit de grat

Carol | (Email)
Can someone tell me if La Maision Emile-Mouchet B&B still operates? My husband and I still remember our visit there several years ago and would love to return.
14 April 2006 - Toronto

Someone's Admire
I Wanna Say " Hi To My Guy Friends Who Live In Arichat Nova Scotia . .Love Ya And Miss Ya Lots , I'll Give Ya's A Call Tonight. . .Can't Wait To See You In August
12 April 2006 - Summerside PEI

William H Babin | (Email)
My paternal grandparents, Michael Babin and Louise (Richard)Babin,
left West Arichat about 1888 for Somerville MA with their 4 children Obeline, Sadonie, Leon and Alvina. My father William H Babin Sr was born here in Sommerville MA in 1891. My younger sibling, Robert J., visited Arichat several years ago and said that here was the place to retire to but never did.
19 March 2006 - Presently Waltham MA

Glenn Diggdon | (Email)
This is a very nice site,I live and work up here in West Pubnico for the past 16 years but West Arichat will always be home , hi to everyone
19 March 2006

Jennie Landry | (Email)
Hi Thomas, Great site . Very Interesting and Informative .We all really enjoyed viewing this site. Ps Thanks for adding my buisiness your buisiness list.
16 March 2006 - From all the way over in PDG. Nova Scotia

Deanna Murphy (MacDonald) | (Email)
Great website, it's nic to see some pic's of area's that I hung out in as a child and as a teen. I miss home lots...
11 March 2006 - Ottawa, ON

Carolyn Joshua | (Email)
It's great to look back and see where you come from. I haven't been back for a long time
27 February 2006 - Fort McMurray Alberta

Yvette Le Blanc
Wonderful pictures Arichat is a great place and has wonderful people.
15 February 2006 - Georges River , Cape Breton

Anne Marie (Doyle) Adams | (Email)
As a young girl growing up in Poulamon and Arichat I have some horrible memories, but it does not stop me from remembering the great ones and great people...those like the Late Eva Jane MacDonald in Poulamon, Nana to me...Niomi and Willard Fougere, The Pettipas, and I shall never forget the kindness and joy that was brought into my young life by them...I am the Daughter of Margaret Mary Doyle, who was married to Francis Doyle from Rocky Bay. He passed away when I was almost 9, a wonderful father he was. I would love to come back and see the scenery as I know its beautiful, especially Poulamon and D'Esscouse, and to also see the MacDonalds in Louisdale, Leonard & Emily and the Girls...Wonderf
ul to see this site. Some may also remember that my mother was married to Everett Covin in the late 70's early 80's..He was a blind man who was well known in Arichat and West Arihat..Would love to hear from anyone who remembers my family...Thanks
11 February 2006 - Bedford, Nova Scotia

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