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Ken McAlpine | (Email)
It has been many years since I sailed on the Great Lakes with many of my friends from Arichat. Ted Latimer was one who I do remember. Some Kehoes also. I live in the Pacific area of Washington but would travel to visit
11 October 2007 - Gig Harbor Washington

Tiffany | (Email)
I Just Wantd To Say " Hello " To My Favorite People Elwood Richard from Arichat . .See Ya When Ya Get Home .
Missing You Lots Buddy !
24 September 2007 - Charlottetown PEI

Hal GIllis | (Email)
Great site. As a boy I would visit every summer. Since my dad passed away, I haven't visited in more than 8 years. Isle Madame is truly a beautiful place and your website has allowed me to go back in time remembering my time vacationing on Isle Madame (Rocky Bay).
6 September 2007 - Long Beach, California - formerly Everett, MA

earl & ruth fougere | (Email)
Hi just looked up your web. site.What a great site. Good job Thomas & Wayne (beautiful pictures). Read all the messages nice to hear from everyone from all over the world. Isle Madame is a great place to visit but even a greater place to live.Lived here all our lives.
3 September 2007 - Petit de Grat, Nova Scotia

frances m. astone | (Email)
My great-great-grandmother was Adelaide-Madeleine(Adele)Clory. She married Francois Godelle(Gotell)in 1860. One of her daughters was Mary(my great-grandmother),who moved to Gloucester,Mass.where my grandmother
(Hi Ida) and my father(John)were born.I only have a sketchy history of this branch of my family and would like to discover more.
31 August 2007 - Hightstown,N.J. USA

K Petitpas | (Email)
Great site Thomas. I'll bet it's lots of work. Isle Madame is still the best, even though it can be a bit too quiet . You can't have it both ways. Drop me a line, anyone.
25 August 2007 - D'Escousse.

Brenda Bourgoin (DeWolfe) | (Email)
Wow so impressed to see little Arichat on the web. There is no place like home. I am still in Halifax but I think of the quiet of home often. Love and Hugs to the family.
14 August 2007 - Dartmoutn,Nova Scotia

Aline Langdon | (Email)
Hi Thomas, Wonderful!!! Every time I visit the site you’ve added something new.
Greco Xpress and Wilsons Gas Stops ad’s are impressive..” Bravo” We’ll be adding on Robin's Doughnuts soon!! Like to say "Hello" to all my high school chums” where ever you may be!. If you find yourself back on this beautiful OASIS , you can find me at Wilsons Gas Stop in West Arichat or relaxing on the lower road..
Many Cheers' Aline
29 July 2007 - Beautiful Isle Madame

Darlene Siddiqui (DeCoste) | (Email)
Hello to family/friends.
Wishing you all Good Health/Happines
s.Miss U Lots!Send me an email. Would love to hear from you guys. See you all in Summer 2008!

Darlene Siddiqui (DeCoste)
Anna's Daughter (2nd from/top!) hee!
11 July 2007 - Calgary, Alberta

Tiffany | (Email)
I Just Wanna Say " Hi" to my 2 Best Buddies , Elwood Richard & David Hope I Get To Talk To You Guys Real Soon . .Take Care Boys !
6 July 2007 - Summerside PEI

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