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Yvette Bourgeois
This is a very nice website and a wonderful place to live and to visit.
21 March 2004

Leona[Theriault}MacDonald | (Email)
Love your website. Pictures are so true to the area. I'm orginally from West Arichat and still visit because I have relatives living there.
18 March 2004 - New Glasgow, NS

Melanie Lynn Boudreau | (Email)
I am impressed, I didn't even know Arichat
had a webpage. I was using the computer and decided to type in just for fun and came upon this website. I am truly amazed to see this. I will coming to this website from now on to see the changes and visit. I think this is a very good idea to have a website for Arichat because it is a beautiful place to live, I grew up in Pondville and have lived in Arichat for a number of years, and no living in Port Hawkesbury for the past 3 years. But no matter where I go in the world, I will always come back to Arichat to visit and
call Isle Madame my home.
Thanks for putting together a website for Arichat, I think it will show others what a pretty place Arichat can be to live and this is also good for tourist in the summer time as well. They can find out about Arichat and come visit us on Isle Madame.
Thanks again, Melanie Boudreau
12 March 2004

Benny Britten | (Email)
Very nice photos and info. Moved from Isle Madame in 1962, still visit and miss it.
10 March 2004 - Beaver Bank N. S.

Andre' & Vanessa Boudreau | (Email)
Take it from us this is a great place to live we love it.
2 March 2004 - Cape Breaton NS( PetitDeGrat)

Shanna Donaldson | (Email)
Beautiful pictures.
2 March 2004 - Red Rock, Texas

Wanda Edwards | (Email)
Great site, just decided to type in Arichat and see what I could find, there is lots of interesting stuff and information. I'm originally from Pondville (the beach road) I now live in Lake Echo (Near Dartmouth) and don't get home often enough. At least now I can keep updated on events. Thanks.
16 February 2004 - Lake Echo, NS

trevor boudreau | (Email)
wow i just typed in for fun arichat .com and got this site cool never knew we where moveing up in the world , lol i'm from pondville origanally (not far from arichat about 3 miles) now live in port hawkesbury with my beautiful wife ,in our new home , but love to see the the pictures of the places i've grown up around great job love it

signed trevor boudreau (son of raymond and leona boudreau pondville)
15 February 2004 - port hawkesbury

Danielle Boudreau | (Email)
Love the Pictures... makes me miss not being back home
14 February 2004 - Calgary,Alberta...Originally from Petit De Grat,N.S

Lots of nice pictures. You should have some info on the Cogres Mondial 2004.
10 February 2004 - France

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