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Mark Sampson | (Email)
My father & grandfather came from Arichat, Nova Scotia. My father's name was Joseph Everett Sampson. My grandfather's name was Walter Sampson. I have found a lot of information from this web-site. I hope my wife and I can get up there in the next few years. I now live in the New England area.
5 June 2007 - New England - Walpole Mass.

pamela (Boudrot) flaherty | (Email)
I began my fathers geanology many years ago (before computers) when I stopped because all of the ancestors were from Arichat. Recently I began looking back into the geaneology and have been searching sites about Arichat. I came accross this beautiful site.
I live in Massachusetts, and vacation in Maine. i hope to visit Arichat in the near future
3 June 2007 - Billerica, MAssachusetts

Tammy | (Email)
Hi everyone this isnt my first time on this site but it is my first time writing in it...just wanna say i love the pictures in it very beautiful scenery there and i cant wait to go there with the love of my life and out son jordon ....also wanna say Elwood i love you baby its you and me forever
27 April 2007 - Winnipeg Manitoba

Denise MacD. Flynn | (Email)
I am conducting research on Arichat's first doctor, Andrew Madden. A website on Dr. Madden's life can be viewed at If anyone has any information on Dr. Madden, please post in the guestbook on the website.
16 April 2007 -

Elwood Richard | (Email)
Well i grew up in arichat and lived there 18 years i love it there it will always be my home town.I live in winnipeg now with the love of my life and our new son jordan joseph we are planning to visit home as soon as we can for lynn it will be her first trip to arichat and i know she will love it like i did when i lived home.And i wanna say hi to my mom Betty Richard i love you mom and my grandmother Lily Boudreau and to the rest of my family i hope to see u all when we all come home love u all.
3 April 2007 - Winnipeg MB

Catherine Lamb | (Email)
I have a friend that is on his way back home and I wanted to see where he is from and where he is going back to. Your city is beautiful and the pictures that are on this site are breath taking. Thank you for sharing your city and it's history with everyone.
25 March 2007 - Red Deer Alberta , Canada

Doug Fortune | (Email)
My grandfather, Angus Fortune,was a half brother to John Fortune.John's father was William Henry Fortune, who was my great grandfather. William had been widowed from his first wife and her maiden name was Sarah Mc Quarrie. Sarah and her 15 year old son were buried at Hillside, Mira.The headstone is in excellent condition.-----
One of John Fortune's children was Clara, who married Benny Landry (deceased).I would like to know more of the family history. My dad's name was Bernard (Bernie) A. Fortune, the son of Angus E. Fortune and Sarah Mc Namara. (of Lower River Inhabitants)---
--Bernie (my Dad) died in Kanata, (Ottawa)in 1999, at age 91. (born in 1907) My Dad's brother Melville J. Fortune was born in Arichat in 1892 and fought in both world wars. Melville married after the first war and lived out his life in Northampton, England, where he is buried, in Towcester Cemetery. There's so much more. I hope to be in Cape Breton this coming summer.----I was born in Glace Bay, C.B. and I am living in Guelph, Ontario. My wife "Pat"ricia (Kerr) died in 2004 and we had been married just two days short of 50 years. There would still be Fortunes,especi
ally in Petit de Grat.More later---hope to hear from someone from the "clan/family". sincerely, Doug Fortune.
9 March 2007 - Guelph, Ontario

Malcolm N. Mac Neil | (Email)
I am so glad to have visited my ancestral home. I have incredibly fond memories. I am a descendant of Michael Bernard Mac Neil and Mary Ann MacKay, who lived in Arichat, and of Captain Abraham Le Blanc and Sabine Forest, who resided in West Arichat, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Looking forward to my next visit!
22 January 2007 - New York City

Jennifer & Mark McInnis | (Email)
We first fell in love with Nova Scotia in 2002 on our first anniversary trip. Arichat looks like a good place to visit with our family on our next vacation trip.
12 January 2007 - Rockford, Illinois

K Petitpas | (Email)
Hi to all the Arichat people all over the world.
6 January 2007 - Isle Madame

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