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raymond george | (Email)
i was just trying to bring back some very old memories and came across your site. started looking at your pics under history and as i clicked on the pic of the fisherman and almost jumped out of my chair.its a pic of my father Art george.i cant tell who it is behind father died on Jan 3 1984 at 47 miss him deerly.
are there any other sites to view pics of janvrins harbour
17 January 2009 - edmonton alberta

Wanting to wish everybody on Isle Madame a Happy New year....
1 January 2009

Ann Marie Dort | (Email)
To: Ann Marie (Dolye) Adams I am Everett Covin niece,
20 November 2008

Laurie Mahler
I was born in Arichat, in 1964. The hospital is not there anymore. Such a beautiful place! I lived in D`scousse for 10 years before moving away. I`m coming to visit soon - can`t wait! My kids will love it.
5 October 2008 - Brampton, Ontario

Carl Witham | (Email)
Grand Parents Came from here: "Sampsons" and "Frasers"
5 October 2008 - Waltham ma. 02452 usa

Barb and Dave Rees | (Email)
Last summer we were lucky enough to meet Martha Nettleton and her generous family who allowed us to leave our trailer there while we camped in Newfoundland for 2 weeks. We fell in love with Arichat and the people and will be back one day. I am currently working on my next book "RV Canada With Boo the Menopausal Van" about our cross country adventures that landed us in Martha's yard. Arichat will play a big role in the Nova Scotian chapter...with lots of good things to tell the world about you.What a special part of Canada!!
b and Dave Rees
30 September 2008 - Powell River, BC

Mike Bonin | (Email)
I lived in Arichat Of and on as a kid till i was 12.It was a wonderful place to .grow up.Those summer days at babins lake,they tell me you cant swim there any more.I havent been back in 26 years but i still think of Arichat as home.
30 July 2008 - Chilliwack,British Columbia

Debra Bozzi | (Email)
This message is for Frances Astone, who signed this guestbook in August 2007--Frances, I tried to e-mail you, but the address you listed when you signed the guestbook didn't work. Please e-mail me if you're still looking for information on the family of Francois Gotell and Adelaide Clory. (My grandmother was their daugher Margaret, who also came to Gloucester at the turn of the century.)
30 June 2008 - Connecticut

Ginny | (Email)
We will be in Arichat Sunday, July 13th 2008.
Can you suggest a place we might stay...and eat?
23 June 2008 - Sarnia. Ontario

Savannah Green
The pictures are the nicest i have ever seen. i would love to see more
17 June 2008 - NS

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