Duke of York Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture:

With over 25 years experience.

 I build every piece to endure everyday use and abuse. I build from my own plans and often from pictures of furniture that people like....with a guarantee to last a lifetime .

 Prices vary depending on sizes and type of wood, stained or painted. Also depends if a client wants solid wood or combination with ply woods.



These unique wood projects are made from pine, oak, maple, birch and ash woods. Unique because every piece is made from my own drawings and plans with no two pieces alike.
I prefer using pine wood, however, being a soft wood it may dent, scratch and damage more easily than hardwood such as oak, maple, birch or ash.


The spice rack above is made of pine with a clear finish, darkened with age.

* You will notice a few tips on wood working as you visit the website. Check out the links for ideas and tips also as you visit the site!